Good day gentlemen

I trust this email finds you well. On Friday I received news via SACA that I am the fittest player in South African cricket.

Just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for all the support you guys have given me and for backing me in achieving this.

Furthermore, I’d like to make special mention to Zaf (zafar azmuth) as I don’t think it would have been possible without his help, guidance and programs. It was hard work but he motivated me through it and I’m strong in believing that if you want to be the best you have to be trained by the best.

Have a blessed day

Kind regards

Keshav Maharaj


Letter of Recommendation:

Zafar Azmuth has been a highly reliable worker and individual and I recommend him for any post in which he wishes to apply. He is highly qualified and has immense experience in the national and international sporting arena and at the educational level.

He has lectured for over 5 years combined and has worked with sports teams and athletes for over 10 years making him vastly experienced and immensely strong in his job and any other aspect added to his job description.

I would recommend Zafar for any position that he applies for as I know he will exceed requirements in this regard.

If any enquiries please contact me

Mr. AK Khan



I have known Zafar Azmuth for 7 years and have worked with him on a professional basis as a professional cricket player having had over 12 years at franchise level and in a professional capacity and he holds his work ethic and execution of his duties at the highest professional standard. I am confident in saying that he will add value in any team environment contributing with his work ethic, professionalism, and personality.

On a personal capacity Zafar is a person who completes all aspects of his job and personal life in the right path as he believes that both are linked at some capacity.

I therefore hold Zafar Azmuth in high regard and standing

If any enquiries please contact me

  1. M. Amla